This year I am offering an introductory offer for those wishing to enter into one of our Campaign Weeks. This year it will be the Campaign of 1814, the Fall of France is imminent, will you as a Marshal of France succeed in helping bring the Allies to the negotiation table, or as the Allies will you deliver the death blow to Napoleon.

It will all be there! March forward with the Prussians led by Blucher, or drive to the very heart of France with the Austrian or Russian Empire.

You will arrive on the Sunday afternoon (17th), meet the other players, decide which side you would like to play on and away you go right up until Friday afternoon, then depart the hotel on the Saturday morning (23rd), after your last evening meal and beer with your fellow generals.

This introductory week will be at the bargain price of £250.00 (excluding accommodation, Beer and other flights of fancy!)

Please contact me for further details.