Over the coming months we have a feast of different periods playing here at the WHC. Firstly I wanted to show you some of the photos from our early WWII games, in France 1940, we have a couple of these advertised later in the year. I am however interested in just what else people want to play in this period, so here is a few photos to jog memories and whet some appetites!

The scene of the main town during the France 1940 game.

These prove ever popular and we’re certainly considering how we might offer more games with a lot more variety, not just in the various WWII theatres, but also in the rules we use. I have offered Rapid Fire and Flames of War, both of which work exceedingly well on the big tables we use, with some minor tweaks!

Some very nice early war German infantry with Anti-Tank rifles from SHQ Miniatures.

A view of one of our early war battles in full swing.

Some of our fantastic buidings along with a Platoon command squad.

Brigade Command moving into a ruined church.

Another view of the battlefield.

Single day games will be put on as well as our usual weekends, I just need to hear from people and look at presenting the ones that you the players want.

I look forward to hearing from you.