You will remember that I have imported a whole new batch of Russians, Front Rank are the figures of choice and they certainly come up well!

These are just some of the Line Battalions.

The spare figures available to me mean’t a bit of juggling in getting the battalions right, but the mix means that there is a load of variety to the look of the battalions.

The flags from GMB are probably the best in the market place and are the perfect compliment to the excellent paint work.

Front Rank are a very robust figure, they have good quality metal and certainly stand the test of time, I believe that a large portion of these figures are on excess of ten years old before they were painted.

The finish on the faces is incredible, all the figures have come up like this, no dry-brushing either. All the colour has depth and is painted on.

The various head gear and the fact that there are a variety of poses give each battalion a unique look about them.

There are Line battalions, combined Grenadier and Russian Guard.

This accompanied by the paint work from Reinforcements by Post has given a final look that is second to none.


All I have to do now is decide, gloss or matt finish?