I thought it time I showed off a bit more of Doug’s fine work. This little beauty was commissioned back in the early 90’s. The conversion work here is quite brilliant, all done with a soldering iron, fuse wire, solder and a Dremel.

Doug's Polish command stand.

I’m not sure what the original figures were, Doug may be able to shed a little light on this. However I don’t recognise either of them, I have included a few more close ups to try and convey his work in conversion using the soldering iron and fuse wire.

Rear view, the reins and horse furniture have been converted to hang freely.

The work on the colour and the style of painting certainly compliment the work Doug does with the soldering iron, I have seen some of Dougs work before the paint touches them and I have honestly thought that it would look okay, but only okay. Once he has worked his magic with the brush however, wow, what a transformation!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I do, more next week.