After the troops had been re-located where necessary and the troops brought back into strategically sensible positions, i.e. not under the guns of the opposition, the battle commenced.

The combatants on the second day.

An overview of the battle early on the 18th October.

This time the Corps of Macdonald was put into the North east of the city to stop the Army of Poland, Victor and Sebastiani would hold the South-east, Poniatowski’s Poles would defend North of Cracowitz, Lauriston and Bertrand the southern central area while one of the Young Guard divisions bolstered the Poles defence. The troops of Reynier moved to support Macdonald, these were all Saxon and deemed extremely unreliable, each battalion had two six sided dice rolled at the end of a turn, on a twelve that battalion was removed as defecting, subsequent rolls then needed an eleven, then ten and so on.

Russians of Sacken's Corps

Russians of Sacken's Corps to the North West of Leipzig.

Over on the causeway the second Young Guard battalion deployed in support of the Westphalian observation Corps. Marmont and Souham, backed up by the Imperial Guard would attack The Army of Silesia in the North-west. The Allies had troops pouring in from the South-East and North-East meaning that the French were becoming outnumbered by over two to one!

The Causeway

Westphalians await the Austrians on the Causeway.

The Causeway

The Causeway and the Westphalians, all these chaps are from Elite Miniatures..

The French defended all around the perimeter of Leipzig except in the North-West where Marmont, Souham and Delmas renewed their attack on Blucher and the Army of Silesia. The drums began to beat and the French columns advanced.

Russian Guard

The advance of the Russian Guard.

To the South the Russian Guard renewed it’s attack on the village of Zuckelhausen, Lauriston began to enhance the defences, Pajol brought his heavy cavalry forward and tried to stem the flow. Russian and French cavalry clashed and a huge cavalry melee developed. The Army of the North poured in from the North-East and began to engage Macdonald’s troops, the seconf turn of the new day and the first Saxon defected, quickly followed by the second. Reynier’s VII Corps of Saxons engaged the Swedes and Russians the two Corps locking horns Prussians exchanged volleys with Macdonalds Marie Louise’s.

Young Guard divisions

Elite Miniatures middle guard serving as some of the Young Guard facing to the South of Leipzig.

The Middle Guard doubling up as Young Guard, in the distance the Grenadiers of the Austrian reserve can be seen to the North of the village of Cracowitz..

All the middle guard shown here are from the Elite Miniatures range.
On the Causeway the Austrian Corps of Gyulai attacked the Westphalians, walking into a hail of fore from twelve pound and eight pound batteries. Meerveldt emerged from the open woodland between the Elster and the Pleisse looking to link up with the Austrian Grenadier division outside Cracowitz. They walked into a huge volley from the Young Guard, wavered and then fell back into the woodland. The Grenadier division suffered a lot of casualties in and around Cracowitz exchanging volleys with the Poles and some of the Young Guard. Gyulai’s Corps began exchanging volleys with the Westphalians, however they had suffered quite a bit to the artillery and it wasn’t long before the first battalion had to fall back! If only the Armies of the North and Poland could break the French resistance to the east of the city in both the South and North!

Garde du Corps

Saxon Heavies charge the Russian infantry.

Marmont was supported by the Heavy Cavalry of the French I Reserve Cavalry Corps under Latour Maubourg, these were Saxon and there was some concern over the commitment these troops may have shown. The French need not have worried, the Garde du Corps and Zastrow cuirassier performed admirably, smashing a whole Russian division between them.

Guard Grenadiers

The French Old Guard emerging from Leipzig.

The bearskins of the Old Guard were then seen making their way through the Corps of Macdonald, could Blucher hold? On they came and the Russians prepared to meet them, unfortunately some of the front battalions of Sackens Corps had enough and began to fall back on their support. All this disorder mean’t large bodies of Russian infantry were left exposed, unformed in front of the Saxon Heavies. The Saxon’s didn’t hesitate, with blades flashing they broke the first line of the Russian Corps!

Old Guard

More Guard from the Connoisseur miniatures range.

Old Guard Chasseurs

Old Guard Chasseurs a Pied from the Bicorne Miniatures range.

Blucher began to consolidate on to his second line of defence.

The Russo Prussian Guard attacks

The Russo Prussian Guard attacks.

The figures used here are Prussian line, our own Prussian Guard has taken retirement, we are currently hoping to get our hands on some Prussian Guard, they seem scarce though, so may have to use some of our Prussian line and convert them.

The Russian Guard, backed up by the Army of Poland began to exert pressure on the troops of Victor and Lauriston, however several hours of fighting saw the Russian Guard falling back with over fifty percent casualties! Lauriston was shattered but still held the villages. The Army of Poland slammed into Victor, the French began to give ground slowly.

Guard Lancers

Imperial Guard Lancers, 1st regiment, or Polish Lancers, support Marmont's drive to the west.

In the North West Reyniers Corps began to crumble, half the troops had now defected, the corps cavalry was no more, while Macdonald did his utmost to stop the Army of the North, heavily outnumbered he began to fall back!

The Army of Poland

The arrival of the army of Poland, along with the cavalry if the Russian Guard..

All counted on the work of the French troops to the West, the Austrians were giving way before the second Young Guard division while Bluchers position was becoming more and more desperate.

Gyulai breaks

The Austrian's on the Causeway break!

The final stages of the battle saw the French troops giving ground to the west, withdrawing into Leipzig while the Old Guard cleared the way to the west!

After three and a half days of gaming the French had a victory!