1st Bull Run. The opening Battle of the War also known as First Manassas by the Confederacy. McDowell’s Blue Bellies versus Beauregard’s Rebs, which side will you choose.

This is the first of our one day games midweek, providing an opportunity to get a game in all in one day. Over a 28′ wide battlefront, re-fight the opening engagement and knock the Confederacy into submission, or repeat history and drive the Union brigades from the field in disarray.

It’s up to you..All you need bring is yourself, I provide all the figures and gaming equipment you will need, no setup and no clearing away, walk in and walk out.

All you need do is drop me a line and I will confirm your place and provide you with the details. A small deposit of £10 will be required, this can be bank transfer or by cheque. The balance is on the day.

Lunch will be included as usual. There are only 8 available places.