Just a couple more of the command stands from the Julian Wates stable.

Corps command

A real mix of figures on this command stand, Noel uses this as a Corps commander I believe.



I have watched Julian work and it really is a labour of love, each figure takes an average of ten hours painting. He uses a palette for his colour and mixes all his own highlights, building the colour from a base colour to the finished item.

French Colonel

A french colonel doubling up as a divisional commander.

Close up

He used a base coat of white on these figures, which lends to the richness of colour I believe, although it can make it harder for the novice in covering up the initial undercoat with colour.

Corps Command

Another Corps command base.

Close up

These are certainly some of the best command figures I have seen for a very long time. Julian undertakes very few commissions as he does this more out of interest than a necessity, however, if you have some old lead you want to convert into masterpieces, just ask me or e-mail him at julian.w@tes.bz.

I have the Salamanca game on this weekend, so expect a report on that in a short while.

In the meantime, I have been working on the Leipzig report, the first instalment will be Monday.

See you then……