Heavy musket fire from the ridge to the east of La Haye, as the French try to shoot the British line troops off the ridge… but the British are having none of it and give it back to the French!

French infantry firefight the British

French infantry line out and firefight the British line at the top of the ridge

The plucky Dutch Belgiums forced out the back of La Haye were busily trading fire with the new occupants and didn’t see the Cuirassier creeping up on them in the smoke; it was a very unpleasant surprise when they caught them in the flank. But they weren’t ready to be cut down to a man and fought of the attack in heroic fashion firing a devastating long range volley which deterred the cavalry to the disgust of their leader!
French Cuirassier charge the remaining Dutch Belgium troops behind La Haye Sainte

French Cuirassier charge the remaining Dutch Belgium troops behind La Haye Sainte, but find them a harder nut to crack than they had expected!

The French now completely control Hougoumont and are making it hard for the allies to hold the end of the ridge… it’ll get very tricky for the allies if they can’t find a way to stem the attack here.

French capture Hougoumont!

French infantry push through Hougoumont forcing the allies out and capturing the chateau

In the centre the guard cavalry clashed with a squadron of British cavalry, out numbering them they beat off the allied attack and rolling three ones for their rally roll pursued the allies back through the last gun battery on the ridge in front of them!

Triple Three!

Not usually a role you like to see but on this occasion triple one was probably the best role ever!

The Prussians now are advancing on Plancenoit with the French Young Guard ready for them in the village, the Prussians have the numbers but the French won’t let go of the village without a hard fight.

The Prussians advance on Plancenoit

The Prussians advance on Plancenoit in large numbers, with the Young Guard waiting for them