Last weekend a bunch of guys from around the country converged on the WHC in order to catch up, swap stories and put on a fine game, not in 20mm, not in 15mm, not in 25mm, not even in 40mm…but 54mm. The Lead man turned up Thursday afternoon and started the setup, by Friday morning it was all good to go!

I have decided to add a selection of the photos from the weekend, the action was operation Goodwood with three Guard Regiments punching their way through the German lines. The Germans consisted of 356th infantry Division, 2 companies from a LuftwaffeField Division, 21st Panzer, a Fallshirmjager company and LeidStandarte SS companies to mention just a few.

As it turned out the fighting was pretty intense to start with however air and artillery superiority told and the Germans had to give ground. The result was an allied success however there were considerable losses on the Allied side with the Coldstreams losing nearly all their tanks over the first day. The RAF was represented by a Lancaster bombing run and the close support of Typhoons.

Just hover over the image to see my notes.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in taking them, it was an absolute joy to host and the chaps that rented the facilities for the weekend will be back later in the year with more!! Great stuff!

All done in Glorious 54mm.

I will let everyone know about the crossing of the Rhine later in the year.