Well here at the Wargames Holiday Centre we were very privileged to host the second General de Brigade weekend. This time however the excitement was generated by a new scale. Imagine 15mm scale fighting across a battlefield designed for 28mm. Nearly half as much space again to manoeuvre in!!

So 25 guys turned up, bringing a host of their 15mm collections along with them as well as terrain, fields, copse and villages! Thousands of excellently painted miniatures arrayed from many nationalities! Italians, Saxons, Poles, Germans, Prussians, Austrians, Russians and even some Swiss!

So without any further delay I bring you a small gallery of some of the images taken over the weekend. HOVER OVER THE IMAGE FOR THE TITLE!

My thanks go to Dave Brown and the rest of the support team that went toward making this a truly superb weekend. The whole look and feel of the battle was brilliant! I am looking forward to the next one in 2013. You can follow more of the GdB exploits an get a lot more photos here on the General de Brigade blog.