A brief introduction for those who haven’t been to the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Initially troop formations are added to tiles and the first move of the battles are done using these tiles, rather than adding the figures to the table straight away. The first move is made on these tiles to prevent players reacting to the troops placed in front of them.

So this is how both sides lined up… the markers represent troop types at corp level. The white arrows are the initial moves, in this case made by the French.

Waterloo Turn One

Napoleons, “tomorrow night Brussels”…
The French have deployed Reille’s corp to the west before Hougoumont with Kellerman’s cavalry corp to his right. Behind Kellerman’s cavalry the forward elements of what looks like the Old Guard can be seen in reserve. To the east of Kellerman a guard 12 pounder foot battery is being unlimbered, ready to fire on La Haye Sainte. D’erlon’s corp is positioned in front of and to the east of La Haye Sainte. The impressive sight of the Guard cavalry corp flanks them in the open ground between La Haye Sainte and Papelotte with Milhaud’s cavalry with them. Again it looks like more guard infantry, possibly Milhaud corp behind them. Another guard gun battery is deployed next alongside Lobau’s corp which is deployed in front of Plancenoit, with Duhesme and the young guard positioned in Plancenoit.

Wellington, Gentlemen, “Today’s Fox”…
The Brunswick division is positioned around Hougoumont, supported by Clinton’s British division. On the ridge to the west of La Haye Sainte are 2 Dutch Belgium divisions. Picton’ scotts and Cook’s guard are defending the ridge to east of La Haye Sainte. While Allen & Coles 3rd and 6th divisions are defending the ground around Papelotte.

The Allied cavalry is positioned in reserve to support where they are needed most!

Wellington is apparently enjoying a “Full English”…

Waterloo Turn One

First move on tiles, the french lines looking from Hougoumont.

Napoleon Thinks...

Napoleon reflects on the first turn from Hougoumont.

Waterloo Turn One - the French advancing

The French advance with figures now on the table.