I have just got back from the Wargames Holiday Centres play test for our WWII collection. We have a weekend for France 1940 coming up in June and needed to get to grips with our spin on the Flames of War rules. In order for us to have these work over a weekend playing one of our huge battles, I needed to play test things. So we set up a fictional part of the battlefield, devised army lists for the French, British and Germans and let fly.

German infantry taking cover to support bailed out PZ IV

German infantry supporting, bailed out Panzer IV.

The results were exceptionally good, I admit we have tweaked the rules a little to allow us to maintain playability with some huge forces, failure of morale did not see units disappear. It did however see them doubling back toward their own lines.

British Infantry in cover.

British Infantry in cover.

We allowed rallying if a superior command from their formation was within range as well. This mean’t that units could fall back and have some possibility of staying on the table, albeit at half strength.

French infantry advancing.

French infantry advancing into the fray.

It’s been a long weekend though, so more on this in the week!

Matildas and Mk VI

Matilda Seniors with a burnt out MK VI