The Allied troops begin to fall back in front of the troops from Reille’s Corps, the battered Allies just can’t stop the French attack which has got to them almost untouched. Finally Altens division breaks completely, nine battalions are either routing or retreating joining the growing number of Dutch and Belgian troops fleeing to their left from behind La Haye Sainte.

The French relentless advance

La Haye Sainte in the distance is lost, Donzelot is still trying to get over the ridge against the British infantry and the French Old Guard march towards Smohain… Things are looking bad for the allies!

Donzelot is still fire fighting the British on the ridge east of La Haye Sainte, with the British still looking like they have the upper hand.

Prussian infantry attack Plancenoit

The Young Guard can’t stop the Prussian advance, Plancenoit is lost, but is it all too late?

The Prussian cavalry Brigades from Bulow’s corp have begun streaming past the southern suburbs of Smohain trying to support Pirch’s push on Plancenoit where the Young Guard are struggling to prevent the village being captured. They are currently hanging on doggedly to the west of the village.

French Guard Cavalry

The French guard cavalry line out again, sweeping everything before them as they have all day.

Cavalry of the French Guard have started manoeuvring to the west of Smohain village in order to delay the Prussians of Bulow Corps but whether they will get there in time is yet to be seen.

The Chasseurs of the Guard

As impressive as they are the French Guard haven’t been needed and it’s all over before they can get into combat.

The Chasseurs of the Old Guard begin their attack toward the east of Smohain into Altens division, waiting for them on the ridge are the British guard and Heavy cavalry…