There was a lull in the snow and the whole thing seemed to stop for a turn, during which the troops approaching Serpallen got a pasting, only to have it turn back to light snow then heavy just as the troops were ready to charge! Charge they did though and the deduction on the charge distance of D6 wasn’t enough to stop them getting in.

The attack on Serpallen village.

Close up of the Firing Line figures in Heudelet’s division.

The strange thing was that the battalion from Kamenskoi’s division bolted at the sight of the howling banshees emerging from the blizzard! The Russians then sat behind Serpallen in some confusion while the French stopped and re-organised.

Wurttemburg Jager zu Pferde engage Kamenskoi's Dragoons south west of Serpallen.

A whole regiment of Russian Dragoons, move out to engage Murat's cavalry.

Over on the Northern flank the huge wave of Russian cavalry began to move toward the massive column of Murat’s reserve cavalry. Many cossacks died while walking unwittingly into the firing range of the French troops at the edge of the obscuring snow. Russian cavalry from the Division’s arrayed in the centre moved forward to engage the French reserve cavalry, hoping that their initial weight of numbers in throwing whole regiments in, would count.

Clouds of Cossacks preceded by the 5th Divisions lights head south west.

The centre of the battlefield was awash with cavalry of all nationalities, right behind Murat came Soult, this was going to be a hard nut to crack for the French, but they certainly had the weight of numbers.

Whole regiment of Russian Hussars engage the French Cavalry.

Panorama of the battlefield early on the first day.

A Battalion of Soult's Corps holding the line to the North of the battlefield, plugging Cossacks their role for today.

A nice battalion of Elite Miniature figures the flag is by GMB Designs.

This is a very nice shot of one of our many Connoisseur Miniature battalions.

To the south, Davout arrived in force, Prince Galitzin hurled his Cuirassier into the division of Gudin, only to have the first squadron repulsed by some disorganised fire from a battalion that was caught unformed and in column of route, the hasty manoeuvre into line and the desultory fire proving enough to see the first squadron off!

Friant's Division pinned by Prince Galitzin's Dragoons.

Friant’s division was not going to be as lucky though……more on that tomorrow!