The Divisions of Davout’s Corps were stalled on their flank march with the heavy snow and the appearance of Prince Galitzin’s cavalry corps. Momentarily the snow lifted, only light flurries limiting visibility slightly.

Early on the Sunday morning.

You can see that some of the Russian formations still remain on the tiles due to the heavy snow, all this is about to change though!

The fighting around Serpallen increased, the Russians moved a veteran battalion back into the village, the French opened up with everything they had in front of it. All around this village the fighting stepped up a pace. The Russians pushed on to the crest of the hill in line and volleyed into the surprised French. Dragoons from the 14th Division charged the supporting troops and hoped to draw as much damage being directed at the occupiers of Serpallen as possible.

One of Augerau's battalions is stopped south of Serpallen.

These are from the exciting Firing Line range from Bicorne Miniatures.

Troops from Augerau's Corps advance in support of the attack on the village of Serpallen.

Victrix Miniatures skirmishers painted as Italians.

The French Guard rolled forward in the Centre, most of the Russian Cavalry had retired in disorder, thus leaving the French free to manoeuvre without interference. Murat deployed D’Hautpol’s Cuirassier alongside Legrand’s division leaving the Russian infantry limited options, stay in square or deploy to fight the infantry.

Charge of the Guard Heavies.

There was some real heroics performed by the French 3rd Hussars, two squadrons charged a Russian twelve pounder battery, three figures got in!! Broke through and caused the battery to retreat!

The 3rd charges home!

French Line infantry deploy to attack Serpallen.

Over in front of Serpallen a battery of eight pounders unlimbered just as the snow stopped, they then too a round of Canister from a Russian twelve Pounder battery which all but wiped them out!

Bennigsen rallies the troops in the centre.

The fight in the Northern area of the battlefield was just a stand off, troops diverted to help the Russian infantry in the centre were being harrassed by Leval’s division, pouring fire into the cossacks and hussars at every opportunity.

Clouds of Cossacks to the North

Charge of the French Cuirassier in the centre.

D'Hautpol and the French Cuirassier

Having stopped Davout, the fact that Prince Galitzin’s cavalry corps was heavily engaged on the Russian left flank mean’t that the Russians may pay a high price in their centre.

Early Russian Grenadiers attempt to stop Leval and Legrand's divisions in the centre.

Tomorrow will see the climax of this exciting encounter.