In the centre of the southern front the French awaited the inevitable onslaught. To delay these matters somewhat the French I Reserve Cavalry Corps thundered across the plain toward the Austrian reserve.

The Gross Garten

The defenders in the Gross Garten await the combined Austro Prussian forces.

The Centre

The French central defence manned by the troops of St. Cyr's Corps.

The French Cuirassier

The French Cuirassier of the I Cavalry Corps advance.


The light Cavalry of St.Cyr's Corps.

The Russians to the West of the river advanced resolutely toward Teste’s division and the Dresden Garrison, which was forming up to defend the French Western approach to the City.

Russian Guard

The Russian Guard begins it's advance.

Russian Hussars

The Russian Hussars screen the advancing Russian Divisions.

These formations were bolstered further by the resplendent French Guard Cavalry. This was going to be a tough nut to crack!

Polish Lancers

The 1st Regiment, Polish Lancers of the French Imperial Guard.

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