In the western sector the Russian Guard and Line Corps smashed into the ranks of Teste’s division and the the Young Guard, the first attack was stopped, but there were huge casualties in the ranks of the Young Guard and the Dresden Garrison was rushed forward to help defend the gardens of the suburbs. The cavalry of the French Imperial Guard, a shadow of it’s former self, prepared to sell itself dearly to cover any retreat.

Cuirassier and Carabinier

Cuirassier and Carabinier from the French I Cavalry Corps.

Figures from Connoisseur.


A lone Squadron from Latour Maubourg's Reserve Cavalry Corps, prepares to sell itself dearly.

Chasseurs et cheval

The Chasseur's a Cheval from St Cyr's Corps.

In and around the Gross Garten the fighting continued, the Young Guard division had acquitted itself very well, holding out to twice it’s number of Prussian’s and Austrian’s! The Heavy cavalry from the Reserve issued forth from the suburbs around the Garden, to be met by the Austrian Cuirassier of the Reserve.

The defence continues.

The defence of the Gross Garten continues.

More figures from the Connoisseur Miniatures range, while the Austrians are all Elite Miniatures.

A Battalion of Grenzer

One of the Grenzer Battalions approaches the outer walls of the Garden.

To the east, near the Pirna gate, the Old Guard attempted to gain some semblance of order. As they struggled in the mass of retreating French and German troops they came under artillery fire. The Prussian’s were streaming into the suburbs of the city and any fighting would now be close at hand!

The Grenadiers

The Grenadiers of the Old Guard rally for the impending onslaught.

Figures from Connoisseur Miniatures.

The final point tomorrow.