The fighting to the west of the river continued unabated, French Guard Cavalry smashed into some of the Russian Line cavalry, while the guns from the Guard Horse artillery from both sides poured death upon the combatants!

French Guard Horse Artillery

French Guard Horse Artillery, supporting their mounted brethren.

Figures by Connoisseur Miniatures

Guard Chasseurs and Russian Dragoons

Guard Chasseurs and Russian Dragoons fight to the death.

The red ring denotes an Officer casualty, the Chasseurs are Connoisseur Miniatures, while the Dragoons are Hinchliffe.

The cavalry melee’s went on for several turns on this side of the battlefield. Allowing the Dresden Garrison, Teste’s division and Rouget’s Young Guard division time to deploy into their defensive positions.

Russian Infantry forced into square

Russian Infantry forced into square

The figures are from Elite Miniatures.

Pavlov Greanadiers

Pavlov Greanadiers await the order to advance again.

Figures from Connoisseur.

Russian Line

Russian Musketeers and skirmishers look to the enemy.

The Musketeers are from Foundry, while the skirmishers are from the Connoisseur Miniature range.

Russian Line

More of the same battalion.

As above
Over in the centre, the cavalry melee’s had ceased, both sides retiring to lick their wounds and reform. Thus allowing the Austrian infantry a chance to take the Gross Garten from Curial’s Young Guard.
Austrian Reserve

Austrian Reserve, Hungarian Grenadiers move forward.

Figures are from Elite Miniatures.

The troops in the Gross Garten would have to defend from two or three faces of the Gardens.

Into the Gross Garten

The Austrian Line leads the way into the Gross Garten.

The Austrians are from the Elite Miniatures range they include some of the specials that they used to do.
Prussians Manoeuvre outside the Gross-Garten

Prussians Manoeuvre outside the Gross-Garten.

Cavalry are from Connoisseur Miniatures

The first attempt from the eastern side.

The first attempt from the eastern side..

The Prussian’s made a very concerted attempt to get into the eastern Gardens in the Gross Garten. The fighting raged back and forth, first the outer Garden was lost and the Prussian’s held the ground. The French counter attack then pushed them back out!

Fighting intensifies

Fighting intensifies

The Prussian's hold.

The casualties mounted on both sides, still the French held the Garden's central plaza.

In the eastern sector of the battlefield the Prussian’s attacked and took the outlying suburbs. This resulted in the Grenadiers of the Old Guard being sent to recapture them. The fighting resulted in many Guardsmen being cut down and still the Prussians held the villages.

Prussians in the eastern sector

Prussians in the eastern sector.

The crossing of the Landgraben proved tricky in the most northernly part of the battlefield, with the Prussians being thrown back repeatedly. Elsewhere the Prussians had more success, however they were now coming up against more and more of the Old Guard.

Into the Suburbs.

Attack of the Old Guard in the Eastern suburbs of the city.

The fight was intensifying along the whole front, it would soon be a make or break moment!

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