Dresden 1813, St.Cyr had fortified the city, and there was a huge ornamental garden in the suburbs of the city named the Gross-Garten. The army of Bohemia under Schwarzenberg had arrived at the city and attacked. Napoleon wasn’t here and the agreement among the allies was to only engage if this was the case.

The Battalions of Colloredo advance.

The Battalions of Colloredo advance toward the Gross Garten.

The first day saw the Austrians, Prussians and Russians engage the Corps of St.Cyr, during the day however Murat arrived with the French cavalry reserve along with Napoleon and the Imperial Guard. There was a small amount of combat due to the indecision of the Allies on whether to attack or withdraw.

Forced into Square

The Austrian infantry forced into Square before the Gross Garten by the Heavy Cavalry of Latour Maubourg..

The battle at the Wargames Holiday Centre replays the action on the second day, the French have Two Corps present, two young Guard Divisions, Two Reserve Cavalry Corps and the Old Guard divisions, along with the Guard Cavalry. Opposing them is The Army of Bohemia under the Three Emperors. This comprises, three Austrian Corps, Four Prussian divisions, two Russian divisions and the Illustrious combined Guard of the Russians and Prussians.

Gyulai's Grenzer

Some of Gyulai's Grenzer, west of the Gross Garten.

Our opening of the Battle saw the Russian Guard deployed on the east bank of the Weisseritz river, the Austrian and Russian line Corps along the southern side of Dresden from the river to the Gross Garten, then running to the North west of the Landgraben were the Prussians.

Austrian Reserve

Some of the Austrian Reserve, twelve pound Batteries and Grenadiers.

Latour-Maubourg I Cavalry Corps, along with Pajol’s II Cavalry Corps sprung forward from the west side of the Gross Garten and began to advance on the Austrian and Russian Line. The Prussians began their advance across the Landgraben, the troops of Victors French Corps leapt forward to capture the suburbs North of the Gross Garten. On came the Prussians!

French Line Lancers

French Line Lancers move to engage the Austrian Lines.

In the Centre the French Cavalry forced the Austrians into square and very nearly caught one of the Austrian 6pdr batteries, it only just escaping the Vistula Lancers! At this point a light rain bagan to fall, reducing visibility and fire power. The ground began to soften and the charge distances were slightly reduced.

Garde du Corps

Saxon Heavies from Latour Maubourg's I French Cavalry Corps.

The rain rules reflected the heavy downpour experienced on the night of the first day and on into the second. The rain could turn to Heavy and further hamper firing, so much so that after three consecutive turns of it all musket/rifle fire would cease until the rain lightened. This could really cause problems for the infantry in the vicinity of Cavalry.

Austrian Hussars

Austrian Hussars move forward to engage the French Cavalry.

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