Over the last year Dresden has proved to be a very popular battle, with me hosting it no less than three times already! Each time it’s played different tactics are employed and very different results are achieved.

A nice shot of some Austrian Infantry advancing to the fight

Figures are by Elite Miniatures, painted and tweaked by Doug Mason

So I thought I would give you a taste of the most recent battle, just as a view through the looking glass as it were. Over the next few pictures I will just highlight the action or the unit in view and what it was doing. This will allow me to post up far more images of the figures (as that is what we all want to see….right?)

Just hover over the image for the description.

These were heavily converted Bicorne Miniatures by Doug Mason

More Connoisseur Miniatures

Sometimes we use troops that represent their compatriots in the fight, here Westphalians for French

Connoisseur Miniature Uhlans, Painted and tweaked by no other than One man and his Brushes, Dave Docherty….lovely!

Connoisseur Miniatures Russians, attacking the eastern side of the Gross Garten

While the Russian Guard attacks the southern face! Figures by Front Rank and painted by Reinforcements by Post

More of Dougs Handy work, figures by Connoisseur.

French artillery in redoubts await the Allied advance.

To take the pressure of the defenders of the Gross GArten the French Guard attacked.

While still providing something of the thrill of the battle itself.

I do hope you enjoy the images. I will get back to writing battle reports periodically, as time allows.