I am honoured to host the Don Featherstone weekend, a tribute to one of the hobbies iconic figures.

The full weekend will run from 4pm on the Friday, with player briefings and initial dispositions, with the game (The relief of Arnhem, since WWII was one of Don’s favourite periods) starting on Friday morning and concluding on Sunday afternoon, at which point a trophy will be presented before farewells and departure. Part of the Trophy award will be the engraving of the winners name on a Crystal Vase, in addition the winner will then take home a vignette specially designed and prepared for the occasion. Each year there will be a different vignette from guest designers.

Another important aspect to the weekend is that we have organised a jacket and tie dinner at the Basingstoke Hilton for the Saturday night, where it is hoped that guests will exchange Don Featherstone anecdotes there will be a guest speaker after the meal.

The emphasis of the whole weekend is intended to be light-hearted fun. So who will join us for this second annual event?

The weekend game is £150.00 including a £25.00 donation to the Charity Combat Stress.

Three-course dinner at the Basingstoke Hilton £25, drinks to be paid for individually.

If required, I can secure accomodation at the Basingstoke Hilton at a greatly reduced rate, please feel free to contact me for details.