Well General, it has been a busy few weeks since we last posted here and boy have I got a treat for you.

Here is the trophy awarded to the most Gentlemanly player of the weekend, as some of you may have already read from the illustrious pages of Miniature Wargames, this was Charlie Wesencraft. The Trophy stays with us and has an engraving of the winners name and the year, while the winner takes home their own smaller but no less impressive trophy.

This year, (at very, very short notice it has to be said) Paul Eaglestone of Empress Miniatures I think you will all agree came up trumps! This beautiful vignette, using figures from the Empress miniatures range was painted by Paul’s friend and resident artist Keith Ainsley. A great award I hope you’ll all agree.

I have included a range of photos covering all angles with the award.

Next year…..I can’t wait!!