Hi Guys, today I wanted to show you some of the great figures offered from Connoisseur miniatures. The three battalions shown here are nearly twenty years old, after a recent brush up, a fresh coat of varnish and a re-paint on the basing they have come up extremely well!

Centre company.

This is the centre company from the second battalion of the 33rd Line.

Originally painted and tweaked by Doug Mason, they are now in the collection of a friend of mine, Chris Cornwell. Part of the Wargames Holiday Centre collection they were sold on to make way for newer models.

The 3rd Battalion of the 33rd Line.

These can all be painted up as either Italians, Neapolitans or Swiss and Neuchatel, not to mention the smaller states or province regiments, or foreign legions that fought for the French. The Irish Legion has always been a favourite here at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

1st Battalion of the 33rd Line

There is the Corsican, Dalmation, Tirrailleur du Po, Valaison and many more!

Close up of the Grenadier company, of the 1st Battalion.

Simple conversions where a head can be snipped off and another drilled and pinned give lots of variety.

The first battle of the new programme for the Wargames Holiday Centre will take place this coming weekend. Oudenarde is a great Marlburian battle which was one of Mike’s favourites so should be good fun.

I’ll be changing the format for the “Pic of the Day” after that, a battle report will be delivered on the following Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday will then be a “what’s coming up” leaving me Thursday and Friday to prepare for the following battle. This will allow all the Generals out there plenty of opportunity to get a look at the weekends write ups and allow your friends time to come along and get a look before the subject gets archived.

Hope this works for you all and I will bring you more pictorial delights tomorrow up until the weekend and then launch the new look on Monday.