Now that the Russian Guard had been mobilised it was time to press the attack along the whole front. VIII Corps was ordered to support I and III corps and break through the Russian Centre.

Outside Utitsa

The Russian Grenadiers of Tuchkov's Corps prepare to receive cavalry.

The counter attacks were taking place from the Russian lines.


Russian Uhlans from V Corps counter attack.

The French reserve cavalry corps charged the Russian lines, into and over the Fleches, but at what cost?

Montbruns Cuirassier

Cuirassier from Montbruns Corps attempt to take the Fleches!


Carabinier from II Reserve Cavalry Corps.

I Res. Cav. Corps

Nansouty leads his regiments of Cuirassier forward into the fray.

The drums beat and the reserves began to press forward, the Russian reserves got to the defensive lines with some difficulty. The press of fugitives began to tell, the Russian Guard was manoeuvring to the Centre, where the greatest threat lay. VIII Corps and I Corps were pressing the attack supported by the Guard foot artillery and Napoleon himself was there to oversee the action.

Russian Squares

Russian squares attempt to hold the Cavalry charges.

The Russians, in square to hold back the Cavalry onslaught awaited the arrival of the massed infantry brigades with a bitter resolve, there was still a lot to fight for here!

VIII Corps and III Corps advance.

Into the maelstrom, VIII Corps Westphalians advance.

VIII Corps added to the pressure from I and III Corps, this must break the Russian line or the Guard would be needed.

The view from the Russian Line

On came the Westphalians, the pressure from I Corps and III Corps was at the point of breaking the Russian line.

The climax of this tempestuous battle, tomorrow!