The French began to pour shot into the Russian defenders. The Russians, stoic as ever, took it…not without giving something back though.

The protagonists

The players, arrayed early on the Saturday morning.

All along the front the French began to engage the Russians with Musketry, shot and sabre.

Russian Dragoons and Cuirassier

Russian Heavy cavalry from Korff's II Cavalry Corps

The Russian infantry began to volley the advancing French.

Battle Line for the Russians

Russian Line infantry from Tuchkov's III Corps prepare to receive the advancing French.

Volley Fire

Russian Line troops from Tuchkov's Corps blaze away at the swarm of skirmishers.

Casualties began to mount, the Great Redoubt lay empty as the battery, now depleted of ammunition departed. Tolstoi’s infantry would have to hold it. The Fleches began to exact a heavy toll though, a Russian 12 pdr wrought great destruction on the advancing lines of infantry.

The Fleches

Here is a half battery in the most northern fleche, giving fire.

Russian reserves poured forward to hold the line.

Column of Companies

More Russian columns advance into the fray.

Column of Companies

Russian infantry pour forward

In the Russian centre, the Guard was mobilised.

Chevalier Garde

Russian Guard Cuirassier from Depreradovitch's Cavalry reserve if V Corps.

(These are some of the early figures of the Wargames Holiday Centre collection. Hinchliffe models I believe.)

The fight was really beginning to pick up a pace. The Russian artillery reserve was stationary, no order having been issued to move it. Where was the Commander? It all began to feel quite historical!
More tomorrow.