The Poles came on the road south west of Utitsa.

Poniatowski's Poles

The Poles approach Utitsa

These are from the Elite Miniatures range of Duchy of Warsaw figures, great models to paint.

In the centre, just to the North of the V Corps (Poniatowski), the Wurttemburg 25th Division of III Corps (Ney) approach the Russian Fleches and the wood between Utitsa and the southern Fleches.

25th division

The Wurttemburg 25th Division.

The III Corps advanced under the Guidance of Marshal Ney, attempting to drive a wedge between Utitsa and the Fleches. The III corps stretched from V Corps North to the French I Corps.

Support from the Guard foot artillery

Elements of III Corps supported by one of the Imperial Guards foot battery.

Approaching the Redoubt

The I Corps under Davout approaches the dry river bed in front of the Great Redoubt

All along the front line the French advanced into a hail of fire from the Russian positions.

III Corps

Marshal Ney in the foreground, urging his men forward.

Casualties soon began to mount, the Russian Guard Battery suffered major logistics problems, finding themselves low on ammo with the first double 1 of the game in turn 1! This was then quickly followed by another double 1 in turn 2, this resulting in an “out of ammo” situation! The battery had to be withdrawn from the Redoubt, leaving it to the “poor bloody infantry” of Ostermann-Tolstoi’s VI Corps! (All this happened so quickly I didn’t get a chance to capture it on film)

I Corps

The centre of I Corps, preparing to advance.

I’ll bring you some views from the Russian side tomorrow.