The final episode of Borodino!

Old Guard

The Chasseurs a Pied stand in good order waiting for their order to advance..

The Battle of Borodino was reaching a final conclusion, the Poles had pushed in through Utitsa.

V Corps

The Polish troops of V Corps were winning through, the Russians eventually giving ground and retreating to the east of Utitsa.

Troops of III Corps were storming the Fleches and the infantry of the I corps were pouring into the Great Redoubt.

III Corps

The light infantry of III Corps advancing earlier in the battle.

Saxe Coburg

The Saxe-Coburg battalion in I Corps supporting the French pouring into the redoubt.

I Corps

Pouring into the Redoubt, the troops of I Corps met Ostermann Tolstoi's Russians, the fighting was bitter and protracted!

In the Russian Centre the Imperial Guard was embroiled in a bitter struggle with the French, contesting every metre of Russian soil making the invader pay with French blood.

Close Quarter

Westphalians engage Grenadiers of the Russian Guard.

The Russian Guard

The Russian Imperial Guard enter the melee for the ground between the Fleches and the Great Redoubt.

Line Infantry

Troops from VI Corps under Dokhturov charge in column of companies.

Eventually the pressure and additional weight of numbers began to tell. The Poles of V Corps driving in on the troops opposing Ney’s III Corps while the combined efforts of the Italian IV Corps, supporting I Corps along with the fresh troops of the Westphalian VIII Corps began to turn the tide in favour of the Emperor.

The Imperial Guard remained intact, resplendent in their full dress uniforms.

Young and Middle Guard

Middle Guard in the foreground with Young Guard further to the rear.

Grenadiers of the Guard

The Grenadiers of the Old Guard, waiting in vain for the order to advance.

These are from the Bicorne Miniatures range, painted and tweaked by Doug Mason, simply the best.

The Band of the Guard began to play “La Marseillaise” victory was theirs!

The Guard Band

The Imperial Guard Band, playing the National Anthem in keeping with the anticipated victory.

These are from the Bicorne Miniatures range as well, although these have been painted by One man and his brushes star Dave Docherty.


Carabinier charging headlong into a Russian half battery.

Close up

A closer look at the conversions and paintwork of Doug Mason.

Overall the battle was a closely contested event, the bad luck of the artillery running out of ammo early in the battle made the defence of the Redoubt even harder for the Russians.

Italian Line

Italians from IV Corps in Borodino village.

These are from Front Rank Miniatures painted by Dominic Fielder and are from the collection of Noel Bilson. a.k.a Garage Gamer

More Italians

The Italians had fought to cross the Kolocha, exchanging bombardment with the Russians on the eastern bank.

The troops of the Russian left fought valiantly to hold the village and surrounding woodland, only conceding the ground at the last. In the centre the Russians exacted a heavy toll.

The casualties in the French ranks mounted and only the class of the troops making the difference.

Fire into III Corps

Russian 12 pound guns.

All the gamers were top notch and real Gentlemen, with much banter being shared around.

My thanks go to all of them for making my first General de Brigade weekend such a success. I was so impressed I have booked four games into the diary for next year.

I look forward to them.