The 21st October saw the Wargames Holiday Centre hosting it’s very first General de Brigade weekend. Borodino was the battle of choice and fourteen guys enrolled to make war upon each other.

V Corps

Poniatowski's V Corps begins it's advance toward Utitsa.

The Poles headed toward the village of Utitsa, the flank march being something of a halfway meet for Davout’s outflank proposition. Over the coming days these hardy veterans would become embroiled with two Russian Corps in a private battle in and around the woods of Utitsa.

Vistula Lancers

The lancers of the Vistula Legion take to the field.

The majority of the Polish troops belong to Philip Marshall, we have our own, however Philip doesn’t get the chance to play with his own figures too often and very kindly offered them in lieu of ours. They do look exceptionally good too!

In the centre the French deployed the Westphalian VIII Corps along with the Imperial Guard.

The reserve

The French reserve deployed on the back board.

The majority of the Westphalians are from the Elite Miniatures stable, they offer two battalions of Guard infantry and all the line infantry. They re lovely casts and paint up really well.

In front of the reserve and advancing toward the most Northerly fleche and then North to the Great Redoubt was the I Corps under Davout.

I Corps Advances

The advance of I Corps toward the Fleches.

The III corps occupied the front from the rest of the Fleches up to I Corps, the Russians were deployed in depth and offered a huge gun line to prevent the advance of the French troops.

More tomorrow.