The Austrian line remained fairly static, the only onslaught was on the left, the Reserve and an Austrian Line corps pushing across the Russbach.

Austrian Line

Austrian infantry from the Connoisseur range

The Grenadiers and Cuirassier got across the stream, with the Uhlans in support.


The cuirassier got across unscathed, the same cannot be said for the Grenadiers.

The villages of Gunzendorf and Leopoldsdorf came under direct assault, the Grenadiers took around 20-30% casualties crossing the stream but still they pressed on!

Grenadiers approach Leopoldsdorf

Grenadiers approach Leopoldsdorf.

The apex of the Russbach

The Austrians tried to press the apex of the river, lending support to the Reserve.

The Line corps to the right of the Reserve Corps pressed the attack across toward Gunzendorf and Grosshofen, to no avail, casualties and disorder saw them disintegrate gradually, allowing the French to slip some of their light troops across the stream and harass the advancing Austrian line.

Crossing the Russbach.

Austrian Line Corps presses an attack on Gunzendorf!

After some fierce fighting the Grenadiers secured a foothold on the southern bank of the stream in Leopoldsdorf.

Uhlans move up

Austrian Uhlans from the Reserve.

Troops were hurried forward to support the success. The troops on the southern bank began to feel the pressure though, Marmonts corps had arrived and was marching to support the beleagured Army of Italy! The numbers were mounting and to cap it all, Napoleon had sent the Guard cavalry to help smash the Austrians.

The Austrians certainly were not going to take any of this lying down though!