The British had arrived on the French left and the Cavalry Reserve under Wood was heavily engaged on the French right. Forces were being drawn from the French Centre and the Allied attack was slowly moving forward in the centre.

Count Lottum's Hanoverian Horse.

Count Lottum's Hanoverian Horse.

Horse are Foundry Miniatures.

Prince Eugene rode over to the Allied right to encourage the troops here. Most had entered into fire-fights with the battalions opposing them. He soon got them moving again though. Count Lottum was pushing his horse forward to support his attack in the centre.

Orkney's troops advance.

Orkney's troops advance.

These lads are from Strategem miniatures predominantly

Over on the Allied right, Orkney was probing the Lainieres Wood, he encountered the French in their redoubts soon saw off the leading. Marlborough heard of Wood’s success and sent the Prince of Wurttemburg with the second division of the cavalry reserve to support him.

Orkney's Dutch troops enter the fray

Orkney's Dutch troops enter the fray.

Orkney’s men were suffering casualties, not only was Lainieres wood becoming a hot bed, but in front of Blairon Farm the Danish Guards had entered into a fire-fight with the defenders and would not be moved.

The defence of Blairon Farm

The defence of Blairon Farm.

Foundry Miniatures in one of our custom made Farm Houses by Mick Sewell.

Marshal Villiers sent the Count de Monteson to hold up Withers flanking move on the French left.

The French Concealed Battery

The French Concealed Battery.

The French were allowed one concealed battery to be deployed to the south of Blairon farm, this enfiladed the attaking troops of Orkney’s command, causing great carnage!

In Sars Wood the Prussians renewed their assaults, this would be their third attempt at the redoubts! Success!! Three of the five redoubts were now in Allied hands. The French countered with their dismounted Dragoons and the remaining French Line.

Close up of the concealed battery.

Concealed Battery close up!

The French were under extreme pressure, could they hold but a little longer they would surely win the day through attrition.

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