Well the snow was falling heavily and the steady advance from the French wasn’t causing them too much trouble, the cloud of cossacks on the Northern flank were having a few issues, with one Sotnia being decimated after emerging from the blizzard smack, bang in front of a French Veteran battalion at medium range!

One of the French Battalions from Augerau's Corps.

Klein's Heavy Dragoons advance in the centre.

In the Centre on turn one both the reserves for the Russians had been released on turn one. Prince Galitzin’s Cavalry Corps and the one Russian Division, the eighth in this case had been released. The former needing a “6” and the latter needing a “5 or 6”. Lucky I guess, as the game at the beginning of last year saw them released at least half way through the game!

Augerau's Corps covered by Lasalle's Light cavalry division.

There was no sign of L’Estocqu either, or Ney thankfully. News was coming in that they had engaged to the North and nothing was slipping through.

Lasalle's troops covered the advance of Augerau's Corps in the centre.

In the centre Murat’s Cavalry manoeuvred toward the Russian Centre, Prince Galitzin’s Cavalry reserve had already moved off to engage the troops to the south west of Serpallen, so it was going to be left to the Russian infantry Divisions to stop these elite troops.

The 3rd Hussars forming the vanguard of Lasalle's light division of cavalry

On turn four the first division of Davout’s Corps arrived to the south east of Serpallen. This was Gudin, this also mean’t that the rest of Davout’s III Corps would not be far behind. Unfortunately the French division lost the road in the heavy snow and wandered into a wooded area slowing down the advance as confusion reigned among the lead troops.

The infantry of Augerau's right wing prepare to assault the village of Serpallen.

The eighth Russian division was following up on the heels of Galitzin’s cavalry, so even if Davout turned up in force the Russians shouls be able to hold the southern side of the line. Serpallen was the key and both sides seemed to recognise this. Augerau advanced his lead battalions into a hail of fore from the village, one battalion stopping dead in it’s tracks. The rest however steeled themselves for the fight for the village.

More tomorrow.