The fighting in the Centre had rolled back and forth, the mist finally lifted in the lower areas south of the Pratzen. It was only turn 16!!!! So the Sun had taken it’s own sweet time burning off the mist, but finally visibility was at full. This would mean that Davout was in a position to start softening up his potential target in Telnitz.

Russian troops from Sacken's column.

These are some of our new Russians from Front Rank Figures, painted by Reinforcements by post.

In the centre on the Pratzen the sun had been up for a while, Oudinot’s division after initial success was now beginning to get bogged down in a slugging match with the Russians of Prebeshevsky’s column. Pinned by a battalion which broke after losing most of it’s officers and down to sixty percent effectives. It was now prey to Russian Cuirassier from Leichtenstein’s reserve cavalry. Kollowrath had succeeded in driving back most of Soult’s weary men and was now turning on to the flank of the attack columns.

Soult's troops Re aligning the line of defence from attack.

Kollowrath's advance toward the Pheasantry.

Kollowrath's Uhlans sweep down the Pratzen onto the flanks of Soult's attack column.

Kollowrath's troops pouring down the slopes of the Pratzen.

Oudinot on the Pratzen.

Troops from Kienmeyer's column moving into the attack against Oudinot.

Holding their ground after the initial success on the Pratzen.

Holding their ground after the initial success on the Pratzen. Oudinot's men reform.

The southern sector of the Pratzen, Kollowrath in the foreground moving on the Pheasantry.

North of the Pratzen the Russian’s hung on, they needed to buy time for the Austrians and the Russian Guard to punch through the weak line that Soult held at the Goldbach. The Austrians had cleared the front of the Pheasantry but were now slowed in turn by the Division of Dragoons from Davout’s command.

Murat rallies then rolls forward again in support of Lannes and Bernadotte.

Lannes and Bernadotte went forward in the Northern sector Bosenitz was theirs, Blasowitz was looking shaky and the Imperial Guard were pressing the gap between both villages. Turn 20, the Grenadiers of the Old Guard appeared! Heading straight for the gap between the two villages, unstoppable the columns rolled over the first line of Russians. Cossacks appeared on their flanks, but were dealt with by the Guard cavalry. The second line of Russians braced themselves, fought to the third rouns of melee and hung on. Grenadiers a Cheval thundered into the lines, breaking a battalion, cutting them down. Still they held!

Russian Hussars from Sacken's column.

Sacken's troops moving south of Telnitz.

More of our new collection of Russians from Front Rank Figures painted by Reinforcements by Post

Press on the cry was in the Allied centre, attack the French at Sokolnitz and the Pheasantry, break the line then press on to Vienna.

The battle was certainly turning!