The battle continued to develop in a dense mist, only the Pratzen had cleared to the point of being clear, to the North of the Pratzen the visibility had increased to 30″ but everywhere else it remained at 18″.

The Pheasantry and part of the Goldbach stream.

The troops from Soult's Corps occupy the pheasantry and have crossed the Goldbach in support of Oudinot.

This allowed Cavalry formations to be used in a far more bold way than is usual here at the Wargames Holiday Centre, the Heavies were advancing to within a 20″ of artillery looking for the opportunity to spring out of the mist and suffer minimum casualties before charging home. It was during one of these plucky manoeuvres that the mist lifted to the North of the Pratzen, allowing French and Russian Batteries to suddenly open up on a somewhat surprised target.

The view to the North, Sokolnitz can just be seen on the bottom right.

Over at Telnitz the Russians peered into the mist seeking out a target toward the Goldbach stream.

The woodland east of the Sokolnitz area.

Still the mist persisted, turn after turn! The drums of Oudinot’s Corps of Veterens beat the pas de charge as they reached the Pratzen and began their steday climb.

After waiting for the mist to the lift the Russians move off toward Telnitz in earnest.

To the North of the battlefield east of the Santon, Lannes and Bernadotte engaged Langeron’s Second column and Docturov’s 1st Column in bitter hand to hand fighting, the village of Bosewitz changed hands twice and the casualties began to mount.

Infantry from Prebshevsky's 3rd Column move up the reverse of the Pratzen.

More tomorrow.