In the centre Soult had advanced some of his troops on to the Pratzen to support Oudinot and his combined grenadier division.

Murat leads the French Cavalry reserve into the gap between Bosenitz and Blasowitz

On the French left, north of the Pratzen, Lannes had pushed past Bosenitz. It was here the first signs of the French Guard were seen, first Squadrons of Grenadier a Cheval emerging from the rear of Lannes Corps. Shortly after this the Chasseurs a Cheval could be seen advancing in support of their heavier brethren. Mind you this did not mean that the infantry would be here, although the tiles at the rear of Lannes formation had yet to be revealed.

The troops of the French Guard can be seen in the background with Bernadottes infantry in the foreground.

South of the Pratzen the Austrians and Russians were moving up their reserves to keep the pressure on Soult. Davout was preparing to cross the Goldbach near Telnitz, while his Dragoons crossed between Sokolnitz and the Pheasantry.

Soult's troops occupy Sokolnitz

The French infantry Figures are from the Elite Miniatures range, the Bavarians are from the Connoisseur range.

The fighting in the centre now took the full heat of the battle, troops from Soult’s corps became embroiled with the Russians defending the heights, visibility was excellent on the top so charges were declared and the two crashed together hundreds of figures went a full three rounds of combat but the French verve could not win over the Russian tenacity and both sides reeled from this initial combat.

Soult's troops engage the Russians on the Pratzen

Oudinot crashed into the Russian column’s on the summit, the carnage was immense with the initial Russian counter attack being repulsed! The Russians rallied though and came on again into the French Grenadiers, drums beat the charge and both sides ploughed into each other again!

Oudinot's troops before the charge across the summit of the Pratzen.

The eagle eyed among you will spot that these are actually Middle Guard, still they are a fine representation for the combined Grenadiers. Figures are from Bicorne, painted and based by Doug Mason.

The casualties mounted, the Russian tenacity saw them hold until the third round, eventually giving up the ground while the French retired to re-organise. Soult had won some of his combats south of this melee of Oudinot’s but not all.

Taking the initiative to fall back to the Goldbach

French troops started to fall back to the foot of the Pratzen, while others took the initiative and fell back on the Goldbach.

Kollowrath wheels on to the flank of the troops supporting Oudinot.

These are from the excellent Elite Miniature range.
Kollowrath’s Austrians poured down the slopes and looked to take the Pheasantry on the east side of the Goldbach, with some of their troops wheeling on to the flank of the French infantry supporting Oudinot.

It was still very much to play for!