The Pratzen was clear, to the North of the Pratzen the visibility was up to 30″, elsewhere all was shrouded in mist. Every four turns depicted an actual hour of game time and by turn nine Davout had arrived, he was still a few turns from any action however and the Russians could not see him!

The troops from Prebeshevsky's 3rd column look to stop Soult advance in the centre.

The action along the Goldbach Stream had been minimal, limited to cavalry skirmishes and light infantry skirmishes to the east of Sokolnitz.

More of the Russian infantry from Prebeshevsky's 3rd Column.

Soult's infantry advance in support of Oudinot, the Russian's look to stop them.

Infantry from Kollowrath's column can be seen engaging the Pheasantry.

While on the Pratzen itself the Austrians had poured down toward the Pheasantry and were now lining out in an attempt to push the French defenders back. On the French side a little further North, Oudinot and his Grenadiers had begun their climb up the steep slopes of the Pratzen. Ascending out of the mist the tops of the Russian standards could be seen and with cry’s of Vive le Empereur the Grenadiers marched on!

Austrian troops support their Russian comrades.

Around the Santon and the village of Bosenitz the French had got heavily engaged and the infantry fighting was extremely fierce. The French cavalry before the village of Blasovitz withdrew out of range as the casualties began to mount. French artillery moved into position to contest the ground and bombard the village. Docturov’s foot battery engaged them at long range, with support from Liechtenstein’s horse battery. The ground here was now denied to both sides while this duel went on. The French moved a Guard foot battery into the line to support the line foot battery and Horse battery.

Pouring across the North most section of the Pratzen.

You’ll note throughout there’s more of the Front Rank Figures painted by Reinforcements by Post. The flags are mostly by GMB Designs.

Where was the French Guard, it had not materialised out of the mist yet….but it was out there somewhere. The allies were not worried they had the Russian Guard in the centre, just waiting for them to materialise.

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