Last weekend I had a bunch of Guys turn up to play “Modern” they used an adaptation of the Rapid Fire rule set, which was a great deal of fun! Over the course of the day, (they only played Sunday) they managed over 20 turns and a good deal of action. This ranged from the initial insertion of the airborne troops to destroy the two missile bunkers (to allow the air arm to support the attack), to tank to tank action and bayonet charges!

Set in the early 80’s as the USSR begins to fragment and Poland looks for independence the fighting involves “Free ” Polish, Nato, Peoples Polish Republic as well as their Russian supports. I won’t spoil it for now as the lads are going to do their own write up! Just for now here is a sample of what you can expect!

There will be a report from the guys very soon, I just couldn’t resist providing you all with a little snippet!