The wargames holiday centre is all about large scale wargames, the sort of wargames you dream of but very rarely have, even at the biggest wargames clubs… well we have them every weekend!

Just look through a few of the pictures below and you will an idea of what we mean by large scale.

A view down the valley

The view down the valley from Hougoumont

Battle around Hougoumont

The attack to the east of Hougoumont

The British point of view

The view from the British ridge between La Haye Sainte and Papelotte

French view of the ridge line

The French view up the hill to the east of La Haye Sainte

A view down the ridge

Another view down the valley from the west of La Haye Sainte

French guard cavalry advancing

The French Guard cavalry advancing

the eastern end of the valley

Another look at the French guard cavalry and Papelotte in the distance

Pressure at Papelotte

The French around Papelotte