Arnhem was played out here at the Wargames Holiday Centre this last weekend and what a game. The British Paras and Air Landing put up a real stiff resistance, holding until relieved, did they make it? Did XXX Corps arrive in time or was it a push over for the German forces?


Typhoons make it to the Air Landing Zone, hoping to protect them from the marauding Focke Wulf patrols.

Graebner's heavies

Graebner’s heavy support attempting to support the crossing over the bridge.

Landing Zone

The LZ before the contesting.

Mortar support

Mortar Support for the Air Landing Brigade.

The view of Oosterbeek

The view of Oosterbeek from the North of Arnhem

More on the fight for Arnhem tomorrow, you can also see it on our Youtube channel, just search for “Wargameshc Arnhem”.