6th – 8th December 2019

using General d’Armee.

The battle of Austerlitz, Napoleons crowning victory.  Will you be able to draw the Allied Austro-Russians from their perch. Or as the Emperors, smash the impudent French upstart!

Any strike from the South would threaten Napoleons key base of operations in Dresden. In this battle there is a distinct reinforcement element to the whole game, with a strong allied force hitting the French and their allies hard. However help is on the way from all quarters as the Allies push into Saxony and the culmination of the Battle of Goerlitz is one of the largest engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. Albeit a fictitious engagement…

This year sees yet another of our now very popular Donald Featherstone Tribute weekends.  This year it features the Sudan, who will steer the relief columns to relieve the Imperial Garrison or rescue the Damsels in distress!

Dinner on the Saturday, Jacket and tie, three course meal and after dinner speakers.

Why not eh?


The first run of this Campaign was so popular we had to turn people away, never a good thing!  As a consequence we thought we’d run it again!  The second public Chain of Command Campaign weekends with a series of linked battles set during the Blitzkrieg through France in 1940.  Featuring engagements between French Forces and Wehrmacht at the Battle for Stonne.

There will be up to 5 games over the weekend culminating in a huge engagement.  All applying a blend of CoC and Big CoC.

Here is a great chance to get involved with our third outing of our Ancient Battles weekend.


The games cover the very beginnings of Rome right through to the bitter end, so you will get embroiled with Carthaginians, Romans and Celts right up to the Picts.


If you are interested all you have to do is drop me a line.


There will be at least five battles throughout the weekend


You will get the opportunity to play each one at least once.


We are using the tried and tested “To the Strongest” written and demonstrated by Simon Miller.


We will have a participation ga,e at Salute, so come on over and say hi!


Hurry now though as spaces are limited now!