Here is another chance to play out one of our Ancient Weekends.


  • Gabiene/Paraitakene – on successive days on the same table we will refight the two great battles between Alexander’s secretary Eumenes and Antigonus the one-eyed.
  • Ruspina 48 BCE – Caesar’s hungry recruits must fight their way through a vast host of angry Numidians.



and three large games:


  • Battle of the Sabis 57 BCE – Whilst setting up camp, Caesar is surprised by the Nervii.
  • Second Mantinea 371 BCE – Thebes vs. Sparta- Epaminondas’ swansong.
  • Battle of the Frigidus 394 CE – When the Eastern and Western Romans clash, the only winner will be the barbarians!

You’ll get to play each game at least once.


Go on, treat yourself.

Here is a great chance to get involved with our third outing of our Ancient Battles weekend.


The games cover the very beginnings of Rome right through to the bitter end, so you will get embroiled with Carthaginians, Romans and Celts right up to the Picts.


If you are interested all you have to do is drop me a line.


There will be at least five battles throughout the weekend


You will get the opportunity to play each one at least once.


We are using the tried and tested “To the Strongest” written and demonstrated by Simon Miller.


We will have a participation ga,e at Salute, so come on over and say hi!


Hurry now though as spaces are limited now!