Here is another chance to play out one of our Ancient Weekends.


  • Gabiene/Paraitakene – on successive days on the same table we will refight the two great battles between Alexander’s secretary Eumenes and Antigonus the one-eyed.
  • Ruspina 48 BCE – Caesar’s hungry recruits must fight their way through a vast host of angry Numidians.



and three large games:


  • Battle of the Sabis 57 BCE – Whilst setting up camp, Caesar is surprised by the Nervii.
  • Second Mantinea 371 BCE – Thebes vs. Sparta- Epaminondas’ swansong.
  • Battle of the Frigidus 394 CE – When the Eastern and Western Romans clash, the only winner will be the barbarians!

You’ll get to play each game at least once.


Go on, treat yourself.