Well you won’t see this very often here on the site, however I have a certain passion for the satellite states involved in the Napoleonic Wars, probably the highest on the list being the Polish Troops, as a young wargamer I always had a romantic image of the down trodden Polish nation rising like a phoenix from the ashes, fuelled with an idea of becoming a nation again in their own right. Added to this the uniforms are fantastic. Now when you add this to the redoubtable quality of the majority of the Polish fighting troops during this time and it is a no brainer for me.

Well I was taking a look around some of the forums and as you do I came across a link to a Blog, merely by chance from the WD 3 Wargames forum. This led me from their gallery to a blog run by a gentleman, Roger Murrow, RTBatLarge Well, what a find!!!! More Poles than I could shake the preverbial Czapka at!! Duchy of Warsaw, Vistula Legion, Cavalry, Artillery the lot. The website Murawski Miniatures Take a look around the website for more on the cavalry, I have included a few samples for the infantry and artillery below.

After talking to Roger I also visited his website, Take a look, I have only a smattering of the figures offered here. I especially liked the comparisons he offers on the Blog. Here’s some of the new Vistula and greens for the range from his Blog.

Unpainted, the detail is there and can only add to the painting experience.

Keep up the good work Roger, a great find for me and indeed the discerning wargamer!

Go on….treat yourself!! They look fantastic!