Yesterday I showed you some views of the Belgian Light Dragoons and coudn’t help myself…so here is another round of photo’s.

Head detail

Attention to detail is obviously a big factor in any finished masterpiece.


The regiment moves out, the officer is one of the original's although he has still been tweaked.


The trumpeter in the squadron started life as a trooper, with the sword pointing downward.

close up

A closer look.

The lead squadron

A great flag helps make a unit sometimes, it's a great compliment to this one.


One of the great things Doug offers is the action of the figures, here the horse from the trumpeter is seen crashing to the ground along with rider!

Full squadron

The complete squadron.

Full regiment

A great overview of the full regiment.

From the right

This time from the right.


Captured during the re-fight of Waterloo in June, all the figures here are painted and tweaked by Doug.

I hope you enjoy them! My thanks go to Doug for the support and the fine regiment displayed here, I’d also like to thank Dave Docherty at this point, who’s un-erring support mean’t the other regiment of Dutch/Belgian cavalry replacement was available on time for the re-play on the anniversary (as shown in a previous Pic of the Day). Dave also provided Doug with some magnificent colour plate information on the Dutch and Belgian cavalry from his extensive library. Last but not least the flag!

Thanks Dave.

Back on Monday.