Doug Mason is a man, who for many years has added a prolific amount of work to the wargames industry, in the last thirty years it would be fair to say that he was one of the best kept secrets.

Belgian Chevau Leger

Belgian Light Dragoons, converted and painted by Doug Mason.

Doug can take a figure, a basic figure and with a few “jingly…janglies” he can transform the figure so you would not recognise it!

Combat with Cuirassier

The Belgian Lights engage French Cuirassier, also painted by Doug.

I have seen him convert a French Carabinier officer into a Kettle Drummer, with a turban, everything sculpted with a soldering iron, solder and a Dremel power tool!

Close up

A close up of another combat, all the figures are Connoisseur, all tweaked by Doug.

Over the last thirty years Doug has created, painted and sculpted thousand upon thousand of figures, many for Peter Gilder and the Connoisseur range, more for the Bicorne Miniatures range and countless unique sculpts for his own clients.

Trumpeter close up

More detail, the trumpet is hand sculpted and the cords on shako's and trumpet are all additions.

Well during the move to the south of England I was fortunate enough to meet up with Doug and we picked up from where we left off! Straight away Doug wanted to help with the new move and the promotion of the new look Wargames Holiday Centre, offering to sculpt a regiment for us.

Engaged with Dragoons

French Dragoons from Elite Miniatures, engage Dougs Connoisseur conversions.

Well immediately you think of all the good stuff, Imperial Guard, Russian and French, British as well! Then I remembered that we had the anniversary of Waterloo coming up and he jumped in to provide a regiment for that. How about Dutch/Belgian cavalry?

Charging Batteries

The Belgian Light Dragoons, surprisingly got into this Horse Battery.

So the Belgian Light Dragoons came about, Connoisseur figures, Dougs “jingly-janglies” and hey presto after months work we had the finished result, I’ll leave it to you guys to judge.

Attacking the Guard

More action from a Waterloo game, I think most of the figures here are Connoisseur, all tweaked by Doug.

Before the Charge

Here is another shot of them just before the charge, the flag is by GMB Design.

Regimental display

Here you can see most of the figures in the regiment, not one looks like another!

Squadron close up.

This displays the trumpeter and troopers nicely. The trumpeter is a scratch build, trumpet, cords and all. lifting the cords like this really gives the impression of movement in the figure.