What turned out to be the final stages of the battle of Ramillies, the central reserve of Hessians, Prussians and Austrian cavalry moved purposefully toward the thinly held Franco-Bavarian centre.

The Centre

Hessians take on the French Line.

Central Reserve

The Prussian Central reserve

The Bavarian and French line regiments stood firm and looked to hold their position for as long as possible.

Bavarian Wing

The Bavarian wing awaiting the advance of the Allied troops.

Their Irish mercenaries would sell themselves dearly!

Irish and Prussian engage

The Prussian Central reserve clash with part of the French centre, one of the Irish mercenaries.

On the wings the Garde Francais began to give ground, the casualties had mounted however Orkneys troops were in no shape to press the attack.

The British and French Line

British Line still look to press the defence of the Little Gheete

The Elector’s wing still held the Dutch and Danish troops off, casualties were high on both sides here as well.

The lines of the Centre

The Prussians and Hessians of the central reserve attack.

Unfortunately by late afternoon on the Sunday, the Prussian and Hessian lines, along with some of the Hanoverians were pushing back the centre, the wings were then looking for a withdrawal to save what remained of the army. The cavalry of both sides was still in quite good order, so there would be something of a stale mate for the pursuit.

French defence

French Line Battalions attempt to hold the line.

The French Marshal Villars would live to fight another day, sadly the same could not be said for the British line and the Gardes Francais!!

Dutch Troops

Dutch troops of the allied left, push hard on to the Bavarians!

A hard fought battle, with loads of manoeuvre and tactical play. I’m already looking forward to Malplaquet.