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4th – 6th October 2019

Rules “Carry on up the Raj” by Steve Thompson.

The Wargames holiday centre will be the venue for two Indian uprising games to be played over the weekend. These are imagination games built around the campaign waged by the East India Company and the British Army.

Game 1

The East India Company has been informed of an Indian Hill fort deep in the wilderness that the Indian Mutineers are holding and rumour has it the fort is impregnable.

The mutineers are flocking to the fort and moral is high.


At last the British are against something they cannot take?

To prove a point the East India Company has assembled a large column including engineers and explosives and are marching to blow the hill fort out of existence as they have before to keep the Indian morale at bay and the mutiny under control.

Your mission is to make sure the engineers and 10,000 pounds of explosives are deployed at the fort and reduce the fort to rubble.

Your Sepoy’s are not as reliable as you might think and the Indian Loyalist units feel they have a point to prove.

Command well or you may well die in the wilderness, numbers will be against you as will the terrain.

Game 2

The British have managed to push deep into the heart of the mutineers held country and have at last forced the Indians to stand and fight.

The British force including Highlanders and Naval brigade are well positioned to break the mutiny right here in open warfare on the battlefield but have vastly underestimated the numbers against them

With the Sepoy’s in the army getting jittery and the loyal Indians far from happy it will fall upon the British to show the way forward.

The Indian commanders will have reserves joining the fray all the time so it’s a race against time to get the job done before the force becomes overwhelmed

This is wargaming on a scale that most will only dream of! The centre is a wonderful experience that offers the opportunity to explore the Meta-scale gaming that is so different to the usual pick-up games that most gamers play on a weekly basis. As a complete novice, within the realms of Napoleonic gaming, I was amazed by the amount of detail that I learnt about that period. It inspired me to find out more!

Nathan White, Baughurst