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Three separate scenarios, Battle of Isandhlwhana, Battle of Rorkes drift and the Battle of Nazene River.  Three big games, using the now highly acclaimed rules written by Steve Thompson. 

You’ll get the chance to play all three at least once over the weekend.  A popular event, drawing attendees from around the world.  This weekend sees the tribute paid to Donald Featherstone with a three course evening meal, after dinner speakers and an auction in aid of the Combat Stress charity.  There is an award for the most gentlemanly gamer and the most dapper dressed for dinner

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This weekend is the tribute weekend to Don Featherstone, this sees a group of gamers taking on a set of connected games, or a large game in re-enacting a period of history dear to Don’s heart. The rules for the Zulu Wars weekend have been written by Steve Thompson and play tested this last 18 months. There is a familiar style to them matching the other periods that Steve has covered. All downloadable from his website.