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Will you take on the title of Wellesley Duke of wellington and look to stop the Tyrant of Europe, or take up the baton for France and lead the Armee du Nord to victory.  The Prussians are also down but by no means out.

Wellington, Napoleon, Blucher there can only be one winner.

Over 12,000 figures on the table top.

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The Battle of Waterloo was the finale for Napoleon, Emperor of the French. The years of domination of Europe culminating in this final iconic battle. Key features of the battlefield, such as the Chateau of Hougomont, home of the Spanish Ambassador during the occupation of the lower countries by Spain. The farm house of La Haye Sainte in the centre of the battlefield and the villages of Papelotte and Plancenoit. All these places are synonymous with this battle. The stalwart Prussians under their leader Gebhard von Blucher and the bitter fighting in the town of Plancenoit. All these aspects make this a great game for the history buff. Will the Prussians arrive or Grouchy march to the sound of the guns? Will the guns come into play earlier? How will the assault on the ridge be conducted? All these factors go toward a great experience with the Wargames Holiday Centre.