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I have been busy the last few days cleaning the armour from our German WWII collection, well they have got a little dusty. While I was cleaning these it struck me just how much I admired the look of the Tiger I. It really has something about it, perhaps it’s the size, shape, the knowledge of it’s armour or it’s superb fire power. In short, since I was a small kid I have loved the look of these beasts of war.

Close up of Tiger I

One of our many Tiger I tanks, close up

A couple out of a platoon

A couple of our many Tiger I tanks, close up

Tiger on the edge.....

Another one of our many Tiger I tanks, on the edge….

A nice side shot.

A nice side shot, if you’re this close, otherwise don’t bother!

Tiger I angled view

A nice oblique shot, must stop using this word…view…that’s better.

A good friend of mine painted these, he doesn’t want me to put his name up here, because he has more work than he wants at the mo’ as soon as his backlog clears I’ll let you know. He’s not cheap, but he does a great job. See more of his work here, with the Hanomags.

I have been working on the combat platoons for these brutes as well, so included in this blog are the Gepanzert squads.

Platoon advance, with mortar support

A Gepanzert Platoon moves out.

A nice platoon of Sd Kfz 251/1's

A Gepanzert Platoon moves out, a close front view.

Sd Kfz 250/1 Command Hanomag

A Gepanzert Platoon command halftrack.

I also thought I’d include some of the support platoons, such as this SdKfz 251/2 with it’s 8cm mortar.

Sd Kfz 251/2

Sd Kfz 250/2

Sd Kfz 231

A nice front view…got it right this time…of one of our Puma Armoured cars. Sd Kfz 231

Included in the clean up were these Panzers for our early war events. We have over two hundred early war tanks and vehicles, not including the artillery.

Panzer I

Panzer I

Panzer II

Panzer II

Pz II Command tank

a view of one of our Panzer II command tanks.

Close up of the PzII Command tank

Panzer II Command Tank close up.

One of our Panzer III’s

Panzer IV

Panzer IV rear view

Panzer IV

Panzer IV front view

Another view of the Pz III

Another view of one of our Pz III’s

I thought I’d throw in a few shots of our Pz 38(t)’s as well.

38T's rear view

38(t’s) Czech bought, or borrowed I think is the correct phrase

38 T's Arriving

38(t’s) Arriving to drive back the French Armour

Talking of the French, I will be including more of an early war blog later this week. Stay tuned. (These photos have been staged in my home, so they are not “in game” as I normally like to do.)

I hope you like them.

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