Wachau 1813 played out in November 2013

This was the third Battle of Wachau-Markleeberg (Southern sector of Leipzig) fought this year, which seemed fitting given the Anniversary ties.

The images all have captions, you just need to hover over the images themselves.

The Battle was intense with a massive French drive initially, however, as the Allied reserve began to mobilise and engage it became a more defensive Battle for the French. Great game with a really great bunch of Guys.

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3 Responses to Wachau 1813 played out in November 2013

  1. This looks excellent, exactly what I’m looking for – still need to convince the others though Mark!
    Good to see Messrs itinerant and garage gamer still with us despite the death of their respective blogs!
    Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year,

  2. Thanks for posting. As I commented at TMP – these big games that I have only been able to see form afar have been a big factor in my participation in this hobby.

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